Fuel Theft Alert


Do you you have problems with fuel theft?

Fuel is a valuable asset that is hard to keep track of. It is hard to find out if a few gallons has been stolen from your tank. Some customers suspect that they have fuel thefts but they have no way of knowing for sure.
WRU VehicleTracker can enable you to quickly find out about fuel thefts and take actions to avoid them.

Business value

As you can get alerted when the fuel theft is taking place you have a chance to act directly. You also have a better chance to avoid stolen fuel in the future. You can see if there are certain areas where fuel is stolen on a regular basis and avoid those places or make the drivers aware of the risk of theft in those areas. Many customers that have activated fuel theft alerts report a significantly lower amount of fuel thefts.
How does it work?

WRU VehicleTracker can monitor the fuel level in your vehicles. If an unusal amount of fuel is lost in a short time period you can get alerts to mobile phones or over email. The alerts can also be input to reports that you can analyze and take actions on. WRU VehicleTracker can also monitor unauthorized/overstaying stops and detours.