As an Information Technology entrepreneur and an avid Adventure Motorcycle Rider, I spend a lot of time travelling throughout the country.

Many times during my travels I would worry about matters such as "did the office staff deliver the equipment on time?", "did the programmers go to the client's site?", "are all the vehicles in their respective garages at night?", or "I hope the guys haven't been overspeeding on the highways again". Even when I'm back in the office, I'd have a difficult time signing vouchers for fuel and maintenance expenses as I'd have to ask someone to research distances travelled, places visited and etc. Add to the fact that at that time, we had offices and vehicles in Manila, Cagayan and Nueva Ecija.

In my personal matters, I'd worry about the kids being brought to school or if they were fetched on time. I'd worry about the drivers going to places that are way out of the normal route, and even if they had the engines idling for extended time while waiting. I'd worry also if any of the cars got stolen, how will I ever find it again?

                     Sapang Uwak, Porac, Pampanga


So with my experience in Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems, together with my passion for GPS Mapping through my Adventure Riding, I was able to put together a very comprehensive and easy to use GPS Tracking System. Our backend system is used by hundreds of GPS Tracking providers in Europe, US and Asia, while our tracking devices come from leading manufacturers with decades of experience with hundreds of thousands of devices sold.

With WRU now, I get an SMS when any of my cars leave any of the houses or offices, are in the schools, when the drivers are overspeeding and in one case found out one my wife's hospital staff uses it at 4am to bring his wife home. Busted! I also can see if any of the drivers are leaving the engine idling for a long time while waiting for my kids. Also for the first time I can monitor the distances traveled of all my cars and compare that to the fuel expenses. I also know that in case of theft, I will have a better chance in the recovery of my cars and belongings.

With WRU GPS Tracking & Navigation. I worry a lot less now (and so can you) .

Oh, plus my family worry less too, now that they know where I am when I'm out on my motorcycle, riding up mountains and crossing rivers.

Teng Sorreta