Do You Know Where
Your Vehicles Are?

Wouldn't you want to know how your people are spending your valuable resources?

How do you compare fuel consumption versus actual distance travelled? Are your people  visiting your competitors?

Afraid to lose your vehicles / cargo and be helpless about it?

Tired of your existing tracking system? Our system is capable of using up to 75 diferent types of tracking devices from different manufacturers.
Contact us for compatibility.

Do You Know Where Your Child Is?
Were there times that you'd wonder where your family member's car is at that moment?

Times when you'd wonder how the family driver is doing? Is he overspeeding? Is he making unnecessary detours? Suspicious stops? Why are they late? Not replying to your text messages?

Worry No More with WRU.
Once Again, WRU is the choice of the most awaited, premier motorcycling event in the Philippines!

Over 300 big bikes and cars! 1,200kms in 24 hours!
Username: boss_ironman
Password: 123456

WRU GPS Tracking & Navigation is privileged to be the Official GPS Tracking Provider of this noble event.
6,600 kilometers
19 days
3 patriots
1 mission
To electrify all isolated communities through solar energy
A motorcycle adventure ride across the entire Philippine archipelago - from Manila to Pagudpud to Zamboanga and back - over 19 days in April and May. The ride will be led by Philippe Saubier, a Solar Energy Foundation board member. He will be accompanied by Ibba Rasul Bernardo (photographer) and Antonio Villanueva (mechanic). Our riders will conduct social and ecological missions in approximately 25 remote communities. In each village, Portable Solar Home Systems (SHS) will be donated to social partners.

is now powered
exclusively by WRU !
After months of testing both in the field and PLDT's labs, WRU has been selected by the country's largest telecommunications company, PLDT, to be their exclusive GPS Tracking Provider.
Flexible Affordable Simple 
Track and Monitor
a single vehicle or hundreds.

Track your personnel on the field.

Up-to-the-minute realtime tracking, reports only, event notification only, even use only on occassions.

Monitor your senior family members. You can even track your family pet!