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About Us

Who We Are

WRU Corporation is the country's most dynamic GPS Tracking Company & Asset Monitoring company.  Evolving since 2012, we learn from the mistakes of other providers who focus on GPS tracking devices.

Our services are built around the model that allows us to use different types of devices, from different manufacturers and develop modules requested by clients, who easily become experts in asset monitoring.

With over 4,500 devices deployed in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, we have set our sights to double our monitored devices by the end of 2018.

What We Do

WRU allows clients to visually monitor their assets' location in real-time and access unlimited detailed historical information and alerts.

WRU works on any popular internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Safari. Our clients also use the Ipad2, Mac and Android Tablets aside from Windows based PCs.

Realtime location information and map can be accessed through any Internet enabled mobile phone. WRU eliminates the need for clients to have dedicated computers, personnel and other facilities operating twenty four hours a day.

Why Choose Us

"Like many companies that have large fleets of vehicles and equipment, we have tried a few GPS tracking companies and have been disappointed every time. Our mobile telecommunications provider suggested that we try WRU.

Not expecting much from WRU, we were surprised at the capabilities and dependability of their system. Coupled with their peoples' enthusiasm and passion for their work, we knew we finally found our right GPS tracking partner in WRU and we've stuck with them since 2012.

We now use WRU to track, monitor and command our almost two hundred Asphalt Distributors, Tankers, Tractors, Cargo Trucks, Diesel Tankers, Dump Trucks, Service Vehicles, Transit Mixers and Truck Tractors." 

              - Readycon Trading & Construction Corp.

WRU Features

Real Time Monitoring

Live, real-time, 24/7, 99.99% uptime, accepts over 80 type of devices, web based tracking/asset monitoring platform.

Preventive Maintenance

Comprehensive preventive maintenace module to track maintenance activities, including costs, quantities, parts. Real-time notification of upcoming service intervals.

Fast SMS and Email Alerts

No delay SMS/EMail alerts. We use multiple SMS Servers for all local mobile networks. Dedicated SMS Servers on demand. Unlimited.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Enter fuel refills manually, per batch or even upload digital billing statements from your fuel provider for automatic caclucation of fuel consumption. Includes different types of reports and alerts for abnormal consumption.

Dispatch & Routes

Organize dispatch assignments and assign jobs directly to vehicles. Drivers using internet enabled mobile devices receive dispatch orders and can select which job to execute. Routing is also optimized per job and drivers can switch to mobile navigation automatically. Dispatch managers can monitor complete and pending jobs in real time.


Detailed reports that cover distances, begin/end locations, distances/time/idle time/average speed/max speed between stops. Arrival, departure, duration of stay at custom defined locations. Reports can show actual locations via the maps. Reports can be printed, exported as PDF, Excel or even as KML files. Reports can be generated any time and can cover daily, weekly, monthly or custom periods. Automated reports via E-Mail.

Mobile Tracking

Track, monitor and communicate with your team, using iOS and Android smartphones. Use standard mobile internet browsers or WRU apps.

Internal Chat / Messaging

Communicate with your fleet using SMS or data with our own messaging system. Cost effective and centralized.

Our Products & Services

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Teng Sorreta



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